Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Little Lion Man

"But it was not your fault, but mine. And it was your heart on the line.
I really fucked it up this time, didn't I my dear?"

So our modem has not been working for the past two weeks almost now, I believe it is. So what have I done to remedy this? I have gone and bought myself a little netbook to leech internet from unsuspecting corporations such as McDonalds (and probably now Subway if the supposed password holds). 

I seem to have become addicted to a Scrabble app on my iPhone, courtesy of Courtenay. It seems to have used up all of my monthly downloads on my mobile which is only about 250MB, none the less, it leaves me disappointed and I feel I should increase my monthly download limit just so i can continue to play this game. It is great. =D

I'm about to have a quad-shot Oreo McFlurry. Nom.

Not much to talk about now. Work is going well though I did take today off as my back has figuratively been killing me the last couple days. I saw a doctor this evening and he prescribed me some Panadine with Codine to relieve the pain as well as my regular excersises. It seems to have helped a little but I can still feel the pain chewing on my back.

I found Nicole's ring under my sofa cushion the other day and have been wearing it on and off the last few days. I like it, it's nice and simple. I'm considering keeping it - or getting my own. =P

I'm kind of super hungry now even though I had a few bites of a burger Jack made for dinner and an apple. My hunger is particularly bad because I'm sitting outside MacDonalds. The temptation to buy their gross food is imense. Blargh.

So, I'm finishing this here to play in the playground. Blame it on Jack, but this is where it ends. Disappointment ensues as I realise they lock the playground gates at this time of night. Oh well. I'll finish up anyway, grab a McFlurry and go home.