Monday, January 24, 2011

The New Year

"So, this is the new year and I don't feel any different."

This (being the title and the quote) is the start of a blog I intended to write a long time ago. Perhaps a couple days after the new year started. In the grand scheme of things, it's not really a long time ago, it's only a couple weeks but things change quickly and in the time it takes to write a few blog posts, a lot can happen.

Unfortunately for me though, not a whole lot has happened. Things remain ever the same. Though I have completed my training through work and am now a level higher in what I do things are still pretty much the same.
I've taken today off work as my ears are hurting - the ear canals or whatever they may be. A kind of pulsating pain, ebbing and rising when I least expect it. It's not pleasant - I have a doctors' appointment in about two hours to have my ears checked.

I have an Evanescence song in my head now. It has been a very long time since I have listened to Evanescence - longer than a few weeks. Perhaps a year or so. I think I may listen to them a little today but mostly I want to limit the amount of sound depositing into my ears - perhaps it will help the pain, along with a couple Panadol pills perhaps and some sleep. My head isn't feeling all that great either.

Sometimes I wonder; why do I write, why do I sing, why do I do anything at all? I don't do it for anyone else but myself - my actions are predominantly selfish. So what am I doing? What am I wasting my time on? I really should be doing something more productive... But I probably won't, will I?