Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This Close

"I don't know who I am anymore. Not once in life have I been real, but I've never felt this close before."

It has been a strange past week. I've been feeling a bit ill on and off and I've been so tired - I'm finding it difficult to wake up most mornings. 

I copied some CDs onto my laptop today then synched my iPhone so I had some new music. It means I only have three albums on my phone at the moment but that's okay. Katy Perry, Eminem and Flyleaf are on my phone now. I will eventually sort out the other CDs I have and go through all my music to decide what I want on my phone but that probably won't happen for a while. That's okay though because I will probably be fixated of Flyleaf for a substantial period of time as I do most other bands.

I feel like dressing up as Snow-white. I do not know why but when I saw my hair today I suddenly thought of Snow-white and thought it would be very fun to dress up. Perhaps I should have a costume party, though there wouldn't be a reason as such for one. Then again, it is me. Do I ever really need a reason to do anything, especially if it is something strange. I'm pretty sure people expect strange things of me. They may be surprised by the things themselves but I'm pretty sure people are not surprised that I did/do them.

I have faces on my hands. They have pursed pink mouths and squinty black eyes. They are ever so slightly amusing. 

I do not have a lot to share this time around. Things are pretty much the same as ever. I am me, flowing through my day to day life, not really doing anything of consequence, not making any large impacts on lives that I know of. Perhaps I make an impact on my customers' lives without realising it. I suppose I shall never know.

I feel like watching Outrageous Fortune. The entire series. At once. I think I need a few days all to myself so I may do so. That would be awfully nice. And then I could finish watching Life on Mars... And rewatch Life... All fantastic TV series'.

Anyway, it is now time for me to shower and then sleep so that is what I shall now do. Work in the morning; I must remind myself to eat breakfast before I leave. I keep forgetting to eat and then wonder throughout the course of the day why I am so hungry. I really need to arrange food for myself for dinners when I get home in the evening. I wouldn't become so hungry if I did that as well...

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