Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All I Wanted

"And when the world treats you way too fairly, well it's a shame I'm a dream."

Speaking of dreams, I had a peculiar dream this morning where I was attempting to board a train but somehow managed to keep missing the trains. I boarded one train which went the wrong way and then met the guys from Tripod at a station when I departed the train. We then all attempted to board a few trains. When we finally managed to board a train heading in the correct direction I was awoken from my dream.

So anyway, Christmas has passed and I believe it is safe to say I was the best gift-giver of my family this year. I bought my father Nerf guns - amongst other things - for Christmas and we had quite a blast with them. We ganged up against my older sister and shot her, I snuck up on him whilst he was attempting to do the same to me and shot him in the back. We played Hungry, Hungry Hippos which was fabulous. 

I'm trying to rid my life of clutter - live more simply though spontaneously as well. I reactivated my Facebook account a couple days ago and I realised I spoke to barely a handful of people (and they, me) I have as friends on Facebook for the entire month my account was deactivated. What does this say about the people I consider friends? I guess I really don't form very meaningful relationships with people. I should work on that. I want to work on that but I don't think I really do want to. I don't want it enough to go out of my way, that's for sure.

So, this is my third post of the month. Obviously I haven't stuck to my "one post a day" goal. But that's fine by me. I really do not have enough to share with people to write on a daily basis. Once every week or so seems to be sufficient. If I happen to write more regularly than that, great!

I am yet to organise all my music. There is just so much of it. To be honest, I do not know where to start with it all - it's all pretty overwhelming. Perhaps I will just leave it as it is and allow the mess and disorganisation of my MP3's to rule my external hard drive. Eventually I will tidy it all up but for now... For now, I ignore it as best I can.

This is a very late post. I will finish it here and go to sleep. I have been very tired these last couple weeks. I have been feeling exhausted - luckily it doesn't seem to have effected my work. Just my focus and ability to function with everything else in life.

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