Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"And I don't want the world to see me 'cause I don't think that they'd understand."

I opened my third account today. I'm quite enjoying opening accounts. It is good fun. I enjoy my job. =]

My Daria DVDs arrived yesterday. There are a couple issues with the DVDs so I have emailed the company I purchased them from to see if they are willing to fix the issues. If not, I will take it further but for now, it's cool. So long as things can be fixed it will be all good. 

It is my turn to cook dinner tonight. I am planning on cooking sausages and spaghetti. We had mince last night and I want spaghetti so I'm going to cook sausages instead with a little bit of a gravy sauce. It shall be delicious and I shall nom it all up. 

I played Day of Defeat for the first time in yonks last night. I quite enjoyed it - even though I had forgotten many basic controls of the game. I had fun and that's what really matters. =]
The guys who play are amusing to game with. The good thing about gaming is the interactions you have with some people. Some people are brilliant conversationalists whilst gaming. It's a pity most of those skills don't seem to be transferable to general society for some.

So... I'm hanging 'round the Neopets ETAMS board, trying to troll but everyone seems to be at school [as most of the posters are in America and under the age of 15] which is disappointing because that leaves me unentertained with nothing to do but stare at dead posts. What should I do? I have no solution to this boredom. I am constantly bored by the interwebz, it seems. Perhaps I need to have a good ol' movie-a-thon full of all things Hayao Miyazaki - that would be spectacular.

I do believe this is the longest blog I have written thus far. How am I doing? Well? I would certainly hope so. If you're not bored by now, reading all of these posts, you must be a very boring person. I seem to be a very boring person. I have nothing exciting going on with me, it seems. I should do exciting things. Like go to the beach! That would be fun. Maybe not exciting, but fun. 

It's my sister's 21st Birthday party on Saturday. She's not 21 until the 1st of December but the party is this weekend as - I do believe - she is planning to head back to New Zealand for her actual birthday. I can't be sure though. I promised I would attend the party though I'm not sure if I really want to go. I don't know who will be there and I do not know most of her friends in the first place. I'm also hoping our parents will not be there though I doubt she would have invited them - not our mother at least.

Anyway, I should be off to cook dinner now. My belly is gurgling and threatening to eat itself and I fear one day it really will begin to consume itself - and then every other part of my body. I don't try to starve myself, it's just that my belly eats so little but needs to eat so regularly. I don't have enough food with me to sustain my belly's outrageous eating patterns. Perhaps that means I need to carry around a mini chilly bin where ever I go so that I may eat on demand.


I still have Deathcar stuck in my head.

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