Sunday, November 21, 2010


"'Cause everything is never as it seems."

So I went out with most of my team from work last night. We went out to the Casino. At one point, after an hour or so of watching some of the guys playing Black Jack I joined in. I managed to win $20, double of what I started with, which was quite nice. And considering I had been left with $5 and a last second decision to bet on my friends hand, winning me $30 back. I was pretty pleased with myself.

I have done nothing today. Nothing at all and I feel lazy and tired and I don't want to have to do everything tomorrow but I'm going to have to - which sucks. 

I was planning to go to Surfer's Paradise with my younger sister tomorrow however because it's Schoolies week and the beach will be closed - apparently. I never went to Schoolies myself so I'm not actually sure what the go is with all of it.

I'm tired and I want my Daria DVD's already. They should be here soon, hopefully. I may have watched all [but one] of the episodes but I want to watch them again. 

I had a shower earlier and fell asleep shortly afterwards - probably around 2 or 3. At 7 one of my housemates woke me up asking me to cook dinner so I told him to pull something out to cook then promptly fell back asleep. A little later he came back upstairs and woke me up again asking me to cook dinner which pissed me off because I was already exhausted and he could very easily have cooked/made food for himself. When I got downstairs to cook the food I opened the microwave to an almost completely cooked slab of mince. And that pissed me off even more. 

I want some fruit. Perhaps some nectarines, watermelon, maybe a Pink Lady apple or two. Fruit is very tasty. 

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